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Oldboy Wallpapers

Old Boys, male former pupils of schools in Britain, some schools in Australia, Canada, India, New Zealand, Trinidad and Tobago
Old boy network, social and business connections among former pupils of top male-only schools
A cadet who has attended St. John's Military School

Oldboy (2003 film), a South Korean film based on the manga, directed by Park Chan-wook
Oldboy (2013 film), an American remake of the 2003 South Korean film, directed by Spike Lee
Old Boys (2010 film), Chinese short comedy film
Old Boys: The Way of the Dragon, 2014 Chinese film
Reginald "Old Boy" Wilmot (1869–1949), Australian journalist
Sports teams and clubs
Old Boys' AFC, semi-professional football team based in Invercargill, New Zealand
BSC Old Boys, Basel, Switzerland
Old Boys & Old Girls Club, Montevideo, Uruguay
Old Boy (manga), a manga series
Old Boy (TV series), Chinese television series