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DeviantArt (deviantART from August 7, 2000 to December 3, 2014, abbreviated "DA" or "dA" by members) is an online artwork, videography and photography community. The website was launched on August 7, 2000, by Angelo Sotira, Scott Jarkoff, Matthew Stephens and others. Artworks are organized in a category structure, including photography, digital art, traditional art, literature, Flash, filmmaking, skins for applications, operating system customization utilities and others, along with downloadable resources such as tutorials and stock photography. Additional features include "journals", "polls", "groups" and "portfolios".
DeviantArt, Inc. is headquartered in the Hollywood area of Los Angeles, California, United States. Fella, a small, devil-esque robotic character, was the official mascot of the website until 2014. The domain deviantart.com had at least 36 million visitors annually by 2008. By 2010, DeviantArt users were submitting over 1.4 million "favorites" and 1.5 million comments daily. As of July 2011, it was the 13th largest social network with 3.8 million weekly visits. As of January 2017, the site had over 26 million members and 251 million submissions. On February 23, 2017, the company announced it was being acquired by Wix.com in a $36 million deal. In 2018, Deviantart announced another redesign, currently titled "Eclipse".