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Roscosmos Wallpapers

The Roscosmos State Corporation for Space Activities (Russian: Государственная корпорация по космической деятельности «Роскосмос»), commonly known as Roscosmos (Russian: Роскосмос), is a state corporation responsible for
Originally established as the Federal Space Agency (Russian: Федеральное космическое агентство, Federal'noye kosmicheskoye agentstvo), the agency evolved and consolidated itself from an independent state enterprise to the national megacorporation on 28 December 2015 through a presidential decree. When reorganized in 1992, Roscosmos was originally known as the Russian Aviation and Space Agency (Russian: Российское авиационно-космическое агентство, Rossiyskoe aviatsionno-kosmicheskoe agentstvo, commonly known as Rosaviakosmos).The headquarters of Roscosmos are located in Moscow, while the main Mission Control space center is located in the nearby city of Korolev. The Yuri Gagarin Cosmonaut Training Center is in Star City, also in Moscow Oblast. The launch facilities used are Baikonur Cosmodrome in Kazakhstan (with most launches taking place there, both manned and unmanned), and Vostochny Cosmodrome being built in the Russian Far East in Amur Oblast.
The current director since May 2018 is Dmitry Rogozin. In 2015 the Russian government merged Roscosmos with the United Rocket and Space Corporation, the re-nationalized Russian space industry, to create the Roscosmos State Corporation.