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Bob-omb Wallpapers

This is a list of common, recurring enemies in the Mario franchise. The enemies on the list are in alphabetical order, and are most commonly found in Super Mario games, in which Bowser commands his minions to block and act as obstacles to Mario, who is normally attempting to rescue Princess Peach.
Most of these enemies are identical in look and are classified as species. While only those who belong to Bowser or specific antagonists are enemies to Mario or players, other members of these species (usually individuals) have their own life in or out of Mushroom Kingdom (e.g. King Boo; Petey Piranha), similar with Toads or Yoshis. Most of them appear in the Mario role-playing games, and some may even aid Mario in his adventures.
Some Mario spin-off games present enemy species as playable characters even though they are not always actual individual characters.