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Dr. Victor Von Doom (commonly known as Doctor Doom, or simply Doom) is a fictional character appearing in American comic books published by Marvel Comics. The son of a Romani witch, Von Doom has been depicted as a supervillain, the archenemy of the Fantastic Four, and the leader of the fictional nation called Latveria. While his chief opponents have been the Fantastic Four, he has also come into conflict with Spider-Man, Iron Man, Black Panther, and multiple others. Von Doom has also been depicted as a superhero, being the third character to take up the mantle of Iron Man and joining the Avengers.Von Doom has made many appearances in video games, television series, and merchandise such as action figures and trading cards. He was ranked as the 4th Greatest Villain by Wizard on its 101 Greatest Villains of All Time list. IGN's list of the Top 100 Comic Book Villains of All Time ranked Doctor Doom as #3. In a later article, IGN would declare Von Doom as Marvel's greatest villain.Von Doom has also been featured in licensed feature films such as Roger Corman's unreleased 1994 The Fantastic Four played by Joseph Culp, and the 2005 film Fantastic Four and its 2007 sequel Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer played by Julian McMahon. Toby Kebbell portrays the character in the 2015 reboot.